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Fellowship 2018 Theme:

Fellowship MBC 2018 Theme


Marriage Ministry

The mission of the Marriage Ministry is to strengthen the bonds between husband, wife and God. We strive to anchor, grow and solidify marriages using Biblical principles. By applying Christian values to our relationships, we challenge ourselves to build Godly marriages that will withstand any test.

Health and Wellness Ministry

The Health and Wellness Ministry seeks to promote health and wellness within the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church congregation through health education and spiritual support. We strive to encourage parishioners to a heightened sense of mind, body, and spiritual health.

Hearts of Humility Ministry

A ministry which extends helping hands of the Pastor to the women of FMBC, with the primary focus on being encouragers to the sick, hurting, needy, and discouraged. We also strive to welcome new members to our church family by offering friendly support, prayer, and materials related to the FMBC mission.

Children's Church

We are a ministry seeking to build relationships with children as we gather, grow, equip, and serve. We are dedicated to loving them and growing their faith by teaching them, in fresh ways, the timeless message of God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

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Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit 2018
Thursday-Friday, August 9-10, 2018

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit 2018


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Some of Our Ministries


To encourage men to be committed followers of Jesus Christ and accountable to each other. M3 provides the necessary resources for spiritual growth, wherein we become effective leaders of our homes, church, and community.


To build strong women of God, who will infect their communities with God’s love, through instruction in Biblical principles, guidance from our elders, and the fundamental of closely learning and depending on each other.


We strive to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are incarcerated, to present God as a “right now” divinity and not an unknown god who has retreated from the affairs of troubled men and women.


Planting God’s Word into the hearts & minds of the Youth as the foundation of Salvation is shaped! Teaching them the timeless message of God’s love and grace through Jesus Christ as we develop a personal relationship with Him.

Rights of Passage

Rights Of Passage on Martin Luther King Day 2017.

Partner with us financially on the mission God has given us and be a part of real life change.

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